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Appalachia® mission is to serve the mankind by promoting wholesome, natural products and providing eco-friendly lodging and event space rental. We are proud supporter of GA Agritourism and Ecotourism. Our event space’s’ are great fit for any special occasion and we take pride in making any type of event a wonderfully memorable experience. We help our clients to plan and manage their event with details and design that they envision. Our goal is to connect the local artists, farmers, and professionals with the community at large through events such as classes, seminars, concerts and workshops.

Only few miles away from Springer Mountain, Appalachia Farm House Cabin is a perfect place to stay for hikers, bikers, and all nature lovers. Our Farm house is an elegant, four bedroom Cabin that’s perfect place to stay for a single person, family & kids, or for any kind of event’s gathering or family reunions. We also have RV/Camper rental available for your camping experience. The grounds of Appalachia Farm House include an inviting front porch with beautiful views, butterflies, humming birds, deer and multiple beds of annual, perennial flowers surrounded by nature.

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North GA Mountains

The Georgia Mountains Region or North Georgia mountains or Northeast Georgia is an area that starts in the northeast corner of Georgia, United States, and spreads in a westerly direction. The mountains in this region are in the Blue Ridge mountain chain that ends in Georgia. At over 1 billion years of age, the Blue Ridge mountains are among the oldest mountains in the United States and sometimes mistaken to be the oldest mountains in the world (they are only about one third of the age of South Africa's 3.6 billion year old Barberton greenstone belt.). The mountains in this region are also a part of the vast system of North American mountains known as the Appalachian Mountains that spans most of the United States longitudally along the eastern areas of the nation and terminates in Alabama.

The region is known for its ruggedness and scenic beauty. The Cherokee who lived in these mountains called them ᏌᏆᎾᎦ/Sah-ka-na'-ga - "The Great Blue Hills of God." Large portions of the North Georgia mountains are included in the more than 750,000 acres (3,000 km2) that comprises the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Come experience the beauty and unforgettable journey of these mountains with your stay in our warm and cozy Appalachia Farm House ® and complete your mountain tourism with natural and ecofriendly Appalachia ® products.

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